Roseville Qualifier @ Roseville High School, Sacramento

January 21, 2017

On January 21st, our 3rd and final qualifier began in a state of excitement. Avikam and I were the only team members present at the qualifier. We passed the robot inspection, field inspection, cruised through judging review, and then, it all came down to the qualifying matches! All in all, it was a great experience, and here are the results: Semifinalist Alliance Captain, 3rd place after all of the qualifying matches, 1st place in design award, 2nd place for control award, and 3rd place for the innovate award! After all of the other qualifiers were finished in the districts, it was time for the good news: we made it to the NorCal Regionals on February 19th, in Newark Memorial High School!

Avikam, standing near our poster and our robot, while getting ready for the day!

Avikam and I unboxing the robot for Robot and Field Inspection.

Avikam, inviting Terminal Ferocity to join the alliance, before the start of the elimination matches.

Avikam and I, getting for our first match’s autonomous mode.