Our 2020-2021 Team

We are a group of high school and junior high school students in Fremont. We formed this team in Spring 2016, while we were in our last year of junior high. We decided to form this team because we saw the value of FTC for each and every one of us. We started with not much experience, but we have learned so much in just our rookie year! By joining FTC, we learned so many new skills such as programming, and CAD design, and there’s so much more to learn!

Mihir Chauhan
Mihir ChauhanTeam Captain, Head of Software Division
Mihir is an incoming high school student and is very proud to be a part of Innov8rz. With over 5 years of experience in programming languages including Python, JavaScript, Java, Dart, and Swift, he has created and published many applications for mobile phones on both Android and iOS platforms. Many of his mobile apps are being used by thousands worldwide! He has been playing chess for 6 years with his school team and loves to play sports like basketball, swimming, skiing, and also playing the clarinet. He is very caring, social, hardworking, and loves to tinker with everything!
Shanyu Chauhan
Shanyu ChauhanHead of Build Division
Shanyu is a student who is currently attending Irvington High. He is one of the newer additions to Innov8rz. Shanyu is a part of the building team. Shanyu studied up until fifth grade in London and then he moved to the United States almost three years ago. Shanyu is eager to learn new things and gain new experiences as part of Innov8rz. FTC, and Innov8rz, are Shanyu’s first interaction with robotics and he is excited to be here. Shanyu hopes that Innov8rz will help him open up and explore new paths.
Rosemary Joseph
Rosemary JosephHead of CAD Division
Rosemary is an 8th grader attending Horner Junior High. As well as being an active member of her scout troop T2199, she likes listening to music, reading, playing basketball, camping, and binge-watching Netflix. This her second year on the team, and was previously on an FLL team before joining the Innov8rz, the Buzzer Beaters. She was very involved in the ASB at Warm Springs and won the principal’s award for her time there. She loves to spend time with her family – an older brother who is now a mentor of the team, a younger sister, and a baby brother.
Veer Mistry
Veer MistryMember, CAD Division
Veer is an enthusiastic team member of Innov8rz with experience in 3D designing. Veer has worked with Python and Scratch programming. Veer loves Robotics and has been part of an FLL team in the past where he participated in building and programming the robot and his FLL team won the Judges Choice award. He has been part of his school’s Science Olympiad team since 4th grade and has won medals in multiple events. He is an active Boy Scout and enjoys the outdoors, cooking, basketball, and video games. Veer is detail-oriented, caring, hardworking, and is fun to work with. Veer is looking forward to learning various aspects of Robotics and leadership while contributing to the success of the Innov8rz team!
Aashi Shah
Aashi ShahMember, CAD Division
Aashi Shah is going to be an 8th grader at Horner Junior High. Last year, Aashi took part in FLL and her team won the champions award in both qualifiers and regionals and qualified for the national competition. Aashi loves to play table tennis, paint, and do magic with cards. Aashi also loves being outdoors and enjoys skiing, camping, and swimming. Aashi is excited to be a part of Innov8rz and is eager to learn new things and make new friends.
Chintan Patwardhan
Chintan PatwardhanMember, Build Division
Chintan is an 8th grader attending Horner Jr. High School. He joined the Innov8rz this year and is very enthusiastic about robotics. He loves to play soccer, bike, binge watch tv shows, play video games, and listen to music. In 5th and 6th grade he participated in FLL and now is excited to participate in FTC. Chintan exercised his mechanical aptitude through build events in Science Olympiad which he did for 4 years. Most recently he built a Rube Goldberg machine which won 3rd place in regionals. With Innov8rz he is part of the build division, a subdivision of the mechanical division. Chintan has a dog named Solstice who has helped him become more responsible and organized.