Scouts Outreach

December 4, 2016

One of the most crucial aspects of FTC is outreach. Midway through one of our engineering marathon for the robot, we had outreached to a group of Cub Scouts (Den 3 Pack 152) to inform them about the world of engineering and the benefits of participating in the FIRST. The whole team thought that this is a good way to start doing outreaches because we were informing a group of young kids who don’t have as much experience as us. So we created a slides presentation to show them the different leagues and aspects of the competition. We reviewed over and over to make sure it was easily readable and presentable. The day of outreach, we went to the scout’s den and presented them our presentation. They didn’t have any bigger screens so we had to use a computer to present. This didn’t hinder us from presenting our presentation.  The presentation lasted for 30 minutes. Afterwards, we demoed our robot to the kids and showed off its features. During this period, the kids had an opportunity to control and maneuver our robot. They seemed very excited once they started to interact with our shooting mechanism. The parents that were also present took an interest in the technology behind the robot.

The kids were completely engrossed in the presentation!