FIRST Panorama Outreach @ Innovation Hanger at the Palace Of Fine Arts

March 4, 2017

On March 4, our team had the opportunity of attending FIRST Panorama, an outreach event where FLL teams, FTC teams, and FRC teams were showing their robots and projects to both the public and other robotics teams. It was a great experience for our whole team, as well as the people, who looked at our presentation. We also got to show our robot for a demonstration, showing the atmosphere of the game, and the different parts of the game, summing up to the main challenge, Velocity Vortex. For the final touch, we also created a presentation, to show and educate the public on FTC Tips and Tricks, including starting a team and having a successful season. Below are a few pictures of our trip.

Avikam, fist bumping with a parent, when our team explained FTC, benefits of joining, and how to start.

Anurag and Saaketh, giving a demonstration of the robot in the field, while Avikam explains about FTC and the 2016-2017 challenge.

Our team’s treat for a great day, Ghirardelli!