The Innov8rz team visited Velo3D Inc., a San Francisco bay area company, who specialize in manufacturing metal 3D printers for commercial additive manufacturing. Our goal was to learn about metal 3D printing technology and applications. The team at Velo 3D did a great job at demonstrating to us how their metal 3D printers work and the differentiating factors that make their printers better than others on the market. They also showed us the various applications of metal 3D printers through some models made by their printers. After some introductions from the VP of technology the team got a tour of their R&D lab. Before entering the lab, the Velo3D team ensured our safety by giving us safety goggles and steel-toed shoes. During the tour, the team had the opportunity to see two different models of 3D printers at work as they were printing metal parts for customers as well as testing new features. Next, the team made its way across the street to another lab where the team saw the high-tech equipment used by Velo3D in order to separate the parts from the baseplate. Nearing the end of our visit, the Innov8rz team got a chance to ask questions from a panel of engineers in order to clarify and obtain a better understanding of how the printer worked. We also got to talk to the experts who showcased some of the materials and processes they used to build the 3D printer. The Innov8rz would like to thank the Velo3D team for taking time out of their day to show the team around their facilities and help broaden the Innov8rz team’s understanding and challenges of metal 3D printing.