The Future of FIRST Tech Challenge: TeleDrive

What is TeleDrive? The COVID-19 pandemic left FIRST Tech Challenge competitions, scrimmages, and team driver practice in the dark. Because of local restrictions, many teams use online resources like Zoom to communicate and start preparing for the next season. However, there still isn't a solution to being able to practice driving the robot as [...]

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Using Git with Android Studio for the FTC App

This tutorial should help you learn how to use Git with the FTC app, allowing you to clone the latest project from GitHub, and update the project later on without having to download a new project. So, let's get started! Step 1: Download the Git Shell from here, and then install. Step 2: Launch the [...]

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Creating Your First Op Mode for First Tech Challenge

This tutorial will help you create your first Op Mode for the First Tech Challenge. Let's get started! Launch Android Studio and open the FTC App Master project. On the left side browser, go into FtcRobotController > java > com.qualcomm.ftcrobotcontroller > opmodes. Select K9TeleOp, and then copy and paste the file into the opmodes folder. [...]

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Setting Up Android Studio for First Tech Challenge

Step 1: Download Android Studio At this point, do not install Android Studio. It will require a compatible JDK, or Java Development Kit, for installation. Step 2: Download and Install the Java Development Kit Make sure to install the 8u92 Java Development Kit. Now that we have installed the Java Development Kit, we can [...]

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