World’s Fair Nano Outreach

World's Fair Nano Expo Outreach @ Pier 70, San Francisco January 29, 2017 Besides our Scouts outreach, we went to the World's Fair Nano Expo, where many startup companies, showcased and advertised their products. From flying drones, to rings that can control your television, there was a lot of interesting technology there. In the [...]

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Roseville Qualifier

Roseville Qualifier @ Roseville High School, Sacramento January 21, 2017 On January 21st, our 3rd and final qualifier began in a state of excitement. Avikam and I were the only team members present at the qualifier. We passed the robot inspection, field inspection, cruised through judging review, and then, it all came down to [...]

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Carmichael Qualifier

Carmicheal Qualifier January 8, 2017 This qualifier was the most successful qualifier that we have ever participated in. Throughout the various aspects of our tournament, we had showed much more improvement compared to our past tournaments. During our judging review, we were able to highlight the various strengths of our robot such as our [...]

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